Review Policy

Content submitted to the Portal to the Universe (PTTU) will be evaluated prior to being indexed. In order to appear on PTTU, content will be reviewed for relevancy and accuracy. While focusing primarily on astronomy and planetary science, PTTU will also include content on earth science such as atmospheric phenomena, remote sensing, and factual accounts of space politics. Content that promotes astrology, pseudoscience, and non-peer-reviewed scientific theories will not be accepted. While we recognize there are many very good sites that include astronomical content that are not primarily astronomy websites, at this time we are only accepting content that is primarily astronomy-based.

While we do accept for indexing purposes websites that contain adult language, this content will not appear on the home page or in the main subpages. Our goal is to provide links to and excerpts from high-quality, family-friendly content as much as possible, while allowing all content to be accessed via our indexes. This is not meant to imply anything about the quality of adult content, but rather is a policy meant to protect viewers using the website in public spaces or on work computers where such content is impermissible. Users who post adult content without marking it as adult will first be warned, and upon repeat mis-posting will have their ability to add content revoked.

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