PTTU Roles and Responsibilities

Among the volunteers who keep the PTTU alive there are different roles and responsibilities.


Mission: To make sure PTTU is kept up-to-date with the latest content clearly 24/7.
Main editorial guideline - feature excellent content that is more "recent" or "better" than what is featured already.

  1. Feature front page features in the banner (time-critical)
    • Should be a very appealing image and good content
    • Should be a recent news release
  2. Feature news, blogs, podcasts (time-critical)
    • Should be have very appealing content and a good graphics
    • Should be a recent news release
    • For news there usually has to be an image
  3. Mark non-astronomy posts as SPAM (time-critical)
    • Read news, podcast, blog posts
    • Mark non-astronomy as SPAM (vaccinations, superstition, non-astro politics etc.
  4. Approve new media and PIOs
  5.    Approve new feeds
    • Check feed:
      • Has to be about astronomy
      • Has to be in English
      • Has to be a "valuable" resource
    • Approve/disapprove
  6. Persuade non-RSS PIOs to use RSS:
    Dear XXXXXX
    As PIO for the YYYYYYY telescope we assume your are the right person to address re. press releases. We are impressed with your recent press releases and would in the future love to feature future releases prominently on the new Portal to the Universe:
    However since this Portal works 24/7 we require that your press releases have an RSS feed (something that would in any case increase you audience significantly). Only two steps are necessary for this:



  • Remove inappropiate comments under each of the stories
  • Remove foreign language comments



  • Find new relevant astronomy feeds for press releases, blogs and podcasts
  • Submit feeds for approval by editor



  • Code gadgets that uses live data, images etc.
  • Submit to for approval

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