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Green Bank Observatory

2019A Semester Call for Proposals is Now Live

29 Jun 2018, 17:08 UTC
2019A Semester Call for Proposals is Now Live

The Green Bank Observatory invites scientists to participate in the 2019A Semester Call for Proposals for the Green Bank Telescope (GBT). The entire proposal call can be found here. The submission deadline for Semester 2019A proposals is Wednesday, 1 August 2018, at 17:00 EDT (21:00 UTC).
The Green Bank Observatory encourages proposals that take advantage of the GBT’s unique capabilities. Key science areas include, but are not limited to: astrochemistry, cosmology, fast radio bursts, galaxy and cluster evolution, HI (galactic and extragalactic), pulsars (searches and timing), radio recombination lines, solar system science, and star formation.
We encourage the submission of high risk, high reward proposals requiring moderate amounts of GBT observing time.
Filler time proposals which can take advantage of gaps in the GBT schedule are also encouraged.
Triggered proposals can be submitted for studies of transient objects such as fast radio bursts, near Earth asteroids, comets, and other transients.
All proposals should state why the GBT is necessary for the requested observations in both the abstract and science justification.
The Green Bank Observatory is hoping to start a fellowship program to support astronomical research by graduate and undergraduate students at U.S. universities and colleges. This program is intended to strengthen the proactive role of the Observatory in training new generations of scientists and telescope users. Information about this program, if it becomes available, will be included in the 2019A semester disposition letters.
We strongly encourage proposers to carefully read through the “News and Opportunities” section of the proposal call.
Learn more about proposing on the GBT on the Proposal Call page.
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