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Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation

ICG @15

15 Mar 2017, 15:05 UTC
ICG @15

ICG now&then

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June 22nd to 24th, 2017

The Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation is 15 years old this year and we plan to celebrate with an event to bring together past and present students, staff and visitors. We will hold a series of talks, seminars and a family barbecue this June.

A summary of our schedule and talks:

Thursday, 22nd June: from 2pm, research conference with talks from ICG alumni in academia:

Oscar Ramos, “Testing Lorentz Invariance by Binary Black Holes” (slides)
Francesco Pace, “On the Implementation of the Spherical Collapse Model” (slides)
Chris Clarkson (slides)
Roy Maartens, “Testing standard cosmology with the SKA and other galaxy surveys” (slides)

Friday, 23rd June: talks from ICG alumni about careers outside academia (lunch included)

Prina Patel (slides)
Heather Campbell (slides)
Rafal Szepietowski, “Increasing returns by managing risk” (slides)
James Etherington, “From galaxies to connected crowds” (slides)

Saturday morning, 24th June: 10am-12pm, popular science talks and the astrodome in Dennis Sciama Building

Roy Maartens, “A Brief History of the ICG” (slides)
Alkistis Pourtsidou, “The Unbearable Lightness of Dark Energy” (slides)
Sesh Nadathur, “Spots on the Sky: a Cosmic Detective Story” (slides)
Sam Penny, “A Universe of Dwarf Galaxies” (slides)
Ed Macaulay, “The Very Loud Universe” (slides)

Saturday afternoon: from 1pm, family barbecue on Southsea common (food and soft drinks provided)

The full programme is now available HERE.

Registration is now CLOSED, but free tickets are STILL available via eventbrite for the short talks and astrodome shows on Saturday morning

If you have any questions please email icg-admin@port.ac.uk

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