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Help Guide

We have two different types of Press Release feeds:

  • Normal feeds: Publicly available feeds.
  • Embargo feeds: Password-protected feeds with embargoed content.
Embargo feeds allow your organisation to provide bona fide members of the media access to a press release prior to its public release (a so-called embargoed press release). Read more about this option here.
Feed Name

The feed name should usually include your organisation/institution name. It is displayed as the source of all your posts on many places on the website. Examples: "NASA Breaking News" or "ESO Top News"

Credit line for Feed

The credit line is currently not displayed anywhere on the site for press release feeds, but should be the name of the organisation/institution . Examples: "NASA" or "European Southern Observatory"


This is an address of a website associated with the feed. This can either be directly to the main page of organisation/institution websites or to a subpage. Examples: "" or ""


This is the logo for your news or blog feed. For individual posts, an image is uploaded manually by the PTTU editors that is relevant to and usually comes from the post's content. However, in case the PTTU editors have not added an image to your post, or there is not an image available, the image you upload here will be displayed instead. We automatically resize and crop your image to the following dimensions: 510x207, 300x180, 180x130, 120x80, 60x40, 190x190. Maximum file size of the image is 2.5 MB.

In case you later want to exchange your picture, please send an email with the image attached and the name of your feed to


This is the URL of your feed - we read all RSS/Atom feed formats. In case your feed is password protected (most likely the case for embargoed feeds) you must include the username and password in the address as well in the following format: "http://<username>:<password>@<feed url>", where <username>, <password> should be the username and password and <feed url> is the address to your feed. Example: "". Note, your username/password will not be public available on the PTTU website.

Embargo content

Check-mark this option if your feed contains embargoed content (see prior description and more here)