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Comet-like appearance of (596) Scheila

12 Dec 2010, 02:18 UTC
Comet-like appearance of (596) Scheila
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CBET nr.2583, issued on 2010, Dec. 12, announced the discovery of a spiral like structure around main belt asteroid (596) Scheila by Steve Larson in the course of Catalina Sky Survey (CSS) through the Catalina 0.68-m Schmidt telescope, on images obtained on 2010, Dec. 11.4. The cometary appearance has been confirmed by other observers.In the Catalina images, the "coma" is bright (Vtotal~13.5), and extends some 2 arcmin north and 5 arcmin west from the central condensation.We have been able to confirm this object remotely, using a 0.43-m f/6.8 reflector + CCD located in Nerpio (Spain): on December 12.01, co-adding of 7 unfiltered exposures, 60-seconds each, shows a wide spiral like tail. The longest part of this spiral tail is 1' in PA 280 while the small part is 30" in PA 22. You can see our image below:According to the "Dictionary of Minor Planet Names" by Lutz D. Schmadel, (596) Scheila was discovered on 1906 Feb. 21 by A. Kopff at Heidelberg. Named in honor of an acquaintance of the discoverer, an English woman student in Heidelberg. (596) Scheila is a main-belt asteroid inclined roughly 14 degree on the ecliptic and it is now 3.1AU from the Sun and 0.8AU ...

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