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Bright Sungrazing Comet on November 17-19, 2010

20 Nov 2010, 22:17 UTC
Bright Sungrazing Comet on November 17-19, 2010
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Only few days after the bright sungrazing comet of November 13/14, another new bright comet diving into the Sun has been discovered on Nov. 17 by Michal Kusiak using the images taken by SOHO spacecraft. This object too belong to the famous Kreutz-group, a family of sungrazing comets that are named after German astronomer Heinrich Kreutz who first studied them in the details. These comet fragments passes extremely close to the Sun at perihelion and usually they completely evaporated during such a close approach.LASCO C2 Image - November 19, 2010(Credit: SOHO)C2 Movie (click on the thumbnail for a bigger version)(Credit: SOHO)We've had many bright Kreutz comets this year... A sign of a big one on its way? Recently, different studies (Sekanina & Chodas 2007; Knight & Hearn 2008) have shown that the flow of Kreutz comets (correct of all systematic errors) increased. In the years since 1997 to 2002 for the Kreutz comet brighter that eighth magnitude has been calculated an average of about 83 new discoveries each year, while in the period 2003 - 2007 the average annual discovery rate risen to 125. This increase also applies to the findings of comets brighter than sixth magnitude where there was ...

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