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William Shatner Went To Space and Took Us Along

18 Oct 2021, 20:34 UTC
William Shatner Went To Space and Took Us Along
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Screenshot from a video provided by Blue Origin of William Shatner at the window of the New Shepherd capsule. Courtesy Blue Origin.

Much commentary got written about the Blue Origin flight that took actor William Shatner to the edge of space last week. Some of what I’ve read is amazingly generous toward Mr. Shatner’s experience, with people expressing their thanks for his eloquent reactions shortly after disembarking the capsule. Before flight, NASA tweeted “We wish you all the best on your flight into space. You are and always will be our friend. ” And, many others, including Elon Musk, wished him well. Musk, who heads up Blue Origin rival SpaceX, tweeted, “Godspeed Captain.” Some other commentary was, well, less than gracious. In fact, some downright scathing comments came from people who should know better. Now, granted, some criticism is (rightfully) directed at the “Party On, DØØdz” atmosphere outside the capsule as Mr. Shatner struggled to put his feelings into words. That insistence on the champagne shower during a powerfully personal moment was, in my view, tacky. And, that sort of criticism is on point. There’s a time to party, but there’s also a time to let the emotions and ...

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