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IBM Space Tech Wants to “Democratize Space” with ENDURANCE.

9 Oct 2021, 03:29 UTC
IBM Space Tech Wants to “Democratize Space” with ENDURANCE.
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Between the rise of the commercial space industry and the proliferation of agencies and programs, it is clear that we live in a new space age. A cornerstone of this new age is how reusable rockets, small satellite technology, and other advances are reducing the cost of launching payloads to orbit. This, in turn, increases access to space and allows more people and organizations to participate in lucrative research.

In January of 2020, IBM chose to build on its many years of working with the space sector by launching its own commercial space venture known as IBM Space Tech. In early 2022, IBM Space Tech will be launching its first CubeSat space mission, named ENDURANCE, to Low Earth Orbit (LEO). By leveraging IBM/Red Hat software and the IBM Cloud, this CubeSat will give students all over the world access to space!

The mission lead for ENDURANCE is Naeem Altaf, the Chief Technical Officer of IBM Space Tech and a space industry veteran. After many years of working with space agencies (like NASA and the ESA) and the commercial space sector, Naeem is well-acquainted with the challenges of gaining access to space. Considering that this all took place in the developed ...

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