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Capella Space Opens its SAR Data to the Public

14 Sep 2021, 16:00 UTC
Capella Space Opens its SAR Data to the Public
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Spotlight Image of Engels Air Force Base, Saratov Oblast, Russia. (Credit: Capella Space)

SAN FRANCISCO (Capella Space PR) — 2021 has been a momentous year for Capella Space and all-weather Earth observation with synthetic aperture radar (SAR) technology. Since officially starting our commercial operations in January, we have served government and commercial customers alike with very high-resolution, ultra-low latency, 24/7 all-weather data to support better decisions.

Our cloud-native approach makes SAR data accessible in an easy and intuitive web application for the first time in history, populated by customer-driven tasking missions with 5 satellites collecting SAR imagery. As our archive rapidly grows, we are beginning to see economic, environmental and geopolitical changes.

When Capella was founded almost five years ago, very high-resolution SAR was a rare commodity that was available almost exclusively to specialized governments and research intuitions with large budgets. We wanted to change that paradigm and make this incredible technology accessible and useful to the many people developing geospatial insights and algorithms with 24/7 all-weather Earth observation data. Today we have officially launched our Open Data Program to the public. This release is a big step in the democratization of SAR, making very high resolution publicly ...

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