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September 2021

4 Sep 2021, 10:23 UTC
September 2021
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September 4th I found a few gems that had not processed at the time. First was M35 in Gemini, a stack of 5 frames at 70mm focal length, ISO 6400 and 6 seconds exposure.September 3rdI reprocessed a Moon shot from April 19th 2019 but it was very similar to my moon shot of 18th.I reprocessed an image of Orion's belt and great nebula from Feb 19th 2019.September 2nd With 100% cloud cover, I reprocessed a shot of the Sun with my DSLR from April 2019.After checking the night sky and (again!) finding 100% cloud cover. I did a similar reprocess on a Moon shot from the same day (April 18th 2019).

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