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August 2021

10 Aug 2021, 18:53 UTC
August 2021
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August 8th 2220 GMT Meteor HuntI performed another meteor hunt, using my usual set-up. I was hoping to catch Perseid meteors but pointed my camera to the north, as there was plenty of cloud to the east.At 2247 GMT, I caught a near head-on meteor in the constellation of Ursa Minor.As most of my frames were ruined by cloud, it was the only meteor I captured. I tried to stack some clear frames to catch some constellations. The stack failed, so I processed a single frame to capture Cassiopeia, Cepheus and Ursa Minor.August 8th 0000 GMT Planetary Moons It had been a damp, cloudy evening. The only clear area of sky was near the southern horizon, I attempted to capture both sets of planetary moons with my DSLR at 300mm focal length, ISO 6400 and 2 seconds exposure.The Saturn shots did not work.August 7th 2350 GMT Deep Sky and Planetary Moons Before going to bed, I did a short session with my DSLR camera at 300mm focal length, ISO 6400 and 2 seconds exposure. My first photos of Melotte 20 showed star trailing, so I shorted the exposure time to 1.6 seconds. I then used the same settings to attempt ...

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