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Went for the eclipse, extreme weather was a bonus

28 Jul 2021, 03:25 UTC
Went for the eclipse, extreme weather was a bonus
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I came home from Missouri with more than just eclipse shots. Also got some interesting shots of the Milky Way and storms. I'll post the Milky Way shots in a few days but here are two of the best storm shots. It's incredible how much thunderstorm activity they get up there. And, no, I was not storm chasing... these were shot from the door of the machine shop in which we were working (and eventually sleeping thanks to one of the storms) while there. Thanks to Ron Drake for his hospitality!The weather alert app on my phone said the lightning in the first shot struck just a little over a half-mile away. We heard it at same time as we saw the flash (and we weren't even facing in its direction when it hit). In fact, that is what got my attention and when I realized it had started to rain a bit so needed to get the camera put away.The second one from the night of the eclipse looks bigger but it was about 4-5 miles away so didn't get our attention the same way.Late post, originally posted to Facebook.

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