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Mission Updates: ExoMars, InSight, Venus, and Juno

9 Jun 2021, 21:28 UTC
Mission Updates: ExoMars, InSight, Venus, and Juno
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IMAGE: The replica ExoMars rover – the Ground Test Model (GTM) – that will be used in the Rover Operations Control Centre to support mission training and operations has completed its first drive around the Mars Terrain Simulator. This image shows the GTM driving through rough terrain. CREDIT: Thales Alenia Space

And now for a quick rundown of upcoming and ongoing missions. Yes, Beth is making me talk about something that hasn’t launched as well as things that have. So first up, ExoMars is the European Space Agency’s upcoming Mars rover, named Rosalind Franklin, that is set to launch in 2022. Last week, the rover’s Earth-bound twin did some simulated terrain tests, including a side slope, a small hill, and some boulder-covered terrain. The rover also took a panoramic image from the top of a simulated hill, and we’ll have a link to that image and others from the tests on DailySpace.org.

Next up, InSight is once again proving to be the little lander that could. Despite all its challenges, the team behind this lander continues to find ingenious and unexpected ways to try and fix problems.

Mars has a lot of dust, and that dust tends to collect ...

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