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Nebulae Facts – The Ultimate Guide To Nebulas

3 May 2021, 12:20 UTC
Nebulae Facts – The Ultimate Guide To Nebulas
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A nebula is a swirling, magical mystery. It’s full of secrets and hidden beauty that you’ll only see if you’re willing to get lost in the darkness with me. There are many types of nebulae, some being: molecular clouds (also known as HII regions because they are mainly hydrogen), dark nebulae, supernova remnants, and planetary nebula. Our galaxy has many different types of these beautiful things that can be found in other galaxies too!

Facts About The Nebulae

The gases, dust, and complex molecules in nebulae are the building blocks for new stars and planets.The stars we see in the sky are constantly changing. As a star nears its death, it sheds gas and dust into space to create beautiful nebulae for us to witness.Nebulae are always in motion, but they’re difficult to see because of how far away and slow-moving the dust particles are. The clouds mix into one another creating magnetic fields which can be seen from Earth’s surface as light waves that bounce back off them.There are three types of molecular clouds: dark globules, emission nebulae, and reflection nebulae. Emission Nebula’s gas is heated to make it glow while the dust in Reflection Nebulae reflects light from ...

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