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Listen To The Best Space & Astronomy Podcasts In 2021

7 May 2021, 09:44 UTC
Listen To The Best Space & Astronomy Podcasts In 2021
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The rise of the podcast continues unabated. In recent years, podcasts have become a very popular means of consuming information and content as opposed to reading from an online or hard copy document. For many amateur astronomers or space aficionados, astronomy podcasts are a convenient way to keep up with the latest space news without having to do any work!

Whether you’re into stargazing, exploring outer space in-depth (or just surface level), black holes – even rocket science there is the show for everyone out there on your favorite topic that will give them all they need straight away; no searching necessary whatsoever! We selected 15 of our favorite shows on this subject matter and decided we would share them with you so that nothing escapes your attention ever again.

Enjoy Your listening!

Our selection of the best space podcasts

The Cosmic CompanionStarTalk RadioHouston, We Have a PodcastPlanetary RadioSpace Junk PodcastUniverse Today PodcastStar Signs: Go Stargazing!SpaceTime with Stuart Gary

Astronomy CastRadio AstronomyThe Orbital MechanicsUrban AstronomerNaked AstronomyCosmo Quest | 365 Days of Astronomy PodcastWalkabout the Galaxy

The Cosmic Companion

Host: James MaynardTopics: Astronomy, Space News, Interviews

Astronomy News with The Cosmic Companion is an insightful and humorous way to stay ...

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