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How to See Planet Neptune Through a Telescope

19 May 2021, 21:34 UTC
How to See Planet Neptune Through a Telescope
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Neptune, named for the Roman god of the sea, is the furthest planet from Earth in our solar system. Neptune is the only planet in the solar system that can’t ever be seen with the naked eye. Other planets, like Uranus, might prove very challenging to see, but with good eyesight and the right conditions, it’s possible. Neptune is nearly twice as dim as Uranus, in part because it’s so much further away.

Luckily, with a magnitude of anywhere from 7.6 to 8.0, Neptune is still visible with the right equipment assisting your eyes. Realistically, you’ll need to look for Neptune through a telescope if you want a chance of seeing the planet. A pair of strong binoculars just might cut it, but either way, you’ll need to be armed with the proper knowledge to get a good look at the furthest planet from the sun. We’ve got everything you need to know down below.

Can you see Neptune with a Telescope?

Neptune is over 2.8 billion miles away from the Earth. Even at the speed of light, that’s quite a distance. For reference, it takes about eight minutes for the sun’s light to reach Earth, but it takes ...

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