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May 2021

7 May 2021, 19:30 UTC
May 2021
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May 5th 0600 GMT Moon Being of smaller phase, the Moon was much harder than the evening before, so I increased the exposure time to 1/200 second.May 4th 2100 GMT Betelguese Betelguese was above the horizon but the only comparison star visible was Procyon. However Betelguese was so near the horizon that any attempt at estimating its brightness would be unreliable. I therefore concluded that the Betelguese season had ended, at least for me and anyone observing from a similar latitude (51.4 Degrees North).The light curve suggests that some of the estimates were wide of the mark and that it varied mostly between magnitude 0.5 and 0.7. The graph shows the magnitude as inverted, so that the higher points on the graph show brighter measurements.May 4th 0630 GMT Moon The Moon was in the south and just past last quarter. I snapped it at 300mm focal length, ISO 400 and 1/250 second exposure.May 3rdIt was "hissing" with rain, I reprocessed a lunar photo from February 15th 2019.I followed it with one from February 17th,May 2nd 1030 GMT Sun The Learmonth and Big Bear images showed a quiet Sun, even in hydrogen alpha light. However, it was a non-working day and ...

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