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Stare Straight Down Into a Giant Storm on Jupiter

29 Apr 2021, 14:51 UTC
Stare Straight Down Into a Giant Storm on Jupiter
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A new batch of images recently arrived at Earth from JunoCam, the visible light camera on board the Juno spacecraft at Jupiter. The camera has provided stunning views of the gas giant world since the spacecraft’s arrival in 2016. Citizen scientists and imaging enthusiasts act as the camera’s virtual imaging team, participating in key steps of the process by making suggestions of areas on Jupiter to take pictures and doing the image editing work.

This lead image, edited by Kevin Gill, is another stunner: a look straight down into a giant storm.

And we like Kevin’s attitude about this whole process:

OK, folks, we're in business! Pipeline is chugging away on the new Perijove 33 imagery Don't like Jupiter? TOO BAD! I'll start sharing pics as I process 'em, so suck it up and enjoy some jovian beauty!https://t.co/DFfpql9Pzs pic.twitter.com/GxvH0xMYnE— Kevin M. Gill (@kevinmgill) April 23, 2021

Jupiter’s swirling atmosphere looks like classic oil paintings in these images.

How big are these storms?

Just the inner core of the storm is 3,748 kilometers wide pic.twitter.com/cYUcKgjnJt— Kevin M. Gill (@kevinmgill) April 23, 2021

You can find all the raw data plus a gallery of processed images from people all around the ...

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