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March 2021

4 Mar 2021, 13:08 UTC
March 2021
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March 1st 1930 GMT Betelguese and MeteorsAlthough conventional wisdom suggests that photographic magnitude is different to visual magnitude, my test shot was aimed at Orion and also caught the main comparison stars of Procyon and Aldebaran. It suggests that Betelguese was about magnitude 0.6, which is what my parallel visual observations made it. Rigel seemed only slightly brighter than Betelguese but this is normal from the northern hemisphere. I have seen both stars emerge from the twilight from the southern hemisphere and Rigel always appears first.There was no particular reason why I should have aimed at one part of the sky rather than another, so I aimed ar the Perseus/Auriga region, hoping for some nice shots of constellations. I stacked 4 of 20 images to get this.

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