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Beyond Luna (Blog)

24 Feb 2021, 21:27 UTC
Beyond Luna (Blog)
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By Evan Plant-Weir, Red Planet Bound Blog 02.24.21

Humanity has some unfinished business with the Moon.

The lunar surface has fallen back into the realm of the remote and unfamiliar for too long. The Apollo landings kindled a dream of an expansive, space-faring future for our species, and that vision continues to inspire us nearly a half century later.

Though we have sustained an ember of that dream through crewed missions to the International Space Station, it diminishes a little with every passing year that we do not once more step foot on another world. NASA’s upcoming plan to establish a sustainable human presence on the Moon via the Artemis program, therefore, constitutes a long-overdue reunion.

Every human on Earth has access to a night sky that is punctuated by the presence of our Moon. On a clear evening, it is visible from both dense urban environments and secluded rural landscapes. Whether we own a telescope, or have only our eyes to stargaze, it is there for us all to consider with wonder.

When we can look up at that jewel of the commons and know that it is within the reach of human experience once again, countless lives will ...

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