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Systemic - Characterizing Extrasolar Planetary Systems


31 Dec 2020, 16:33 UTC
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For well over a year now, oklo.org has languished on Bluehost’s servers. No new posts. No maintenance whatsoever. The PHP installation was so dated that for months, visits to the site received nothing but a cryptic SQL fail. An hour with technical support was sufficient to bring the site back up, but the result was disheartening. The creaky WordPress theme shouted “mid-aughts”, and alarmingly, began to disrespect the aspect ratios of the carefully embedded images. Oh the humanity!

New decade. New resolve.

The name on the site header now matches the site URL. Systemic referred to the long-lapsed Systemic Console project which Aaron Wolf and I started in 2004. Later, Stefano Meschiari took over the code base, and developed the software to pearlescent degrees of refinement. Yet the intangibles that generated the thrill in the Doppler velocities are gone forever, now that an essentially Earth-mass planet orbits at an essentially temperate distance from Proxima Centauri, predictably ripe for the logical escalation.

The recent news items recalled me to a novel that I wrote twenty years ago. At the risk of oversharing, I thought I’d share a passage, dropping in randomly at page 24….

[…] He stood up cautiously, ...

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