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Space for Gifts

10 Dec 2020, 18:34 UTC
Space for Gifts
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About this time each year, I start to get emails about what to give somebody who’s “into space” for a holiday gift. Of course, I always recommend books, which are a great way to learn about astronomy and space exploration. So, think about a favorite book YOU enjoyed about space or astronomy, and see if that is still available. Or, browse around the stacks at your favorite bookshop. I recently got a review copy of David Dickinson’s Backyard Astronomer’s Field Guide. It’s a really nicely put-together book for just about any observer. It’s well-written, and is wire-bound to lay flat if you have it with you outside during an observing session. I certainly enjoyed reading it and you or your loved one will, too.

I also got a review copy of a book called 100 Things to See in the Night Sky. It’s by Cincinnati Observatory astronomer Dean Regas. It is what it says on the tin, a guide to a hundred objects you can search out and explore in the sky. It comes with easy to understand explanations about the objects, and also talks about constellations, satellites, meteors, and meteor showers. The book has four sections for the seasons ...

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