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Is Earth the Best Habitable Planet?

5 Oct 2020, 18:11 UTC
Is Earth the Best Habitable Planet?
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The search for a habitable planet like Earth just hit a new challenge, from planets that could well be BETTER than Earth at fostering life. How could this be? We all know Earth is the template on which we base our assumptions about the chances for life elsewhere. We are searching Mars and other places in our own solar system, including Venus.

It turns out that the best habitable planet could have conditions much MORE suitable for life than Earth. A habitable planet, such as Kepler 62F, shown here, which orbits a K-type star, could have several variables that influence life. This world, and others like it, could be orbiting stars that are more slowly changing and longer life expectancies than the Sun. Astronomers have actually identified a couple of dozen contenders for the “Better than Earth” sweepstakes. They are called “super-habitable planets” and if they can be found, they’d all a little larger, warmer, and likely wetter than Earth. Those conditions make it easier for life to develop and thrive.

All of this comes from a study made by a scientist at Washington State University. Dr. Dirk Schulze-Makuch published an article in the journal Astrobiology that details the types ...

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