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They’ve Found Water on Mars Again

28 Sep 2020, 21:38 UTC
They’ve Found Water on Mars Again
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The 82-km-wide Korolev crater on Mars, which is filled with bright water ice, imaged by ESA’s Mars Express in April 2018. This crater is on Mars’ northern hemisphere and not associated with the findings of liquid water. Credit: ESA/DLR/FU Berlin, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO
In what seems to have become somewhat of an annual event researchers have announced the discovery of water on Mars yet again—although this time it’s more of a confirmation of a previous announcement (with a bit extra for good measure) but not everyone is agreeing on the same interpretation of the evidence..then again, that’s how science is supposed to work.
The most recent announcement of water on Mars was made today by ESA following a paper published in Nature Astronomy in which a team of researchers used radar data gathered by the Mars Express spacecraft to bolster previous claims made in 2018 of a wide, shallow lake of super-salty liquid water nearly a mile below layered ice and dust deposits at Mars’ south pole.
The team’s reanalysis of the radar data appears to not only confirm the earlier discovery, which itself was the result of a decade of painstaking research, but also identifies three more possible ...

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