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Celestron 80LCM Review – Not Recommended

27 Sep 2020, 06:13 UTC
Celestron 80LCM Review – Not Recommended
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The Optical Tube

Optically the Celestron 80LCM is an 80mm f/11 Fraunhofer achromatic refractor with a focal length of 900mm, which uses two lens elements made of crown and flint glass. With f/11 being a rather long focal ratio you should expect to see marginal amounts of chromatic aberration, but not enough to seriously mar the image quality as shorter achromats tend to have. The long focal ratio also makes it easier for the telescope to “snap” to focus due to the larger depth of field. Unsurprisingly the 80LCM delivers sharp, mostly color-free images of the Moon, planets, double stars, and a few of the brighter deep-sky objects that are accessible with 80mm of aperture.

The focuser on the 80LCM is a 1.25” rack and pinion design as with all of the LCM telescopes. While largely made of plastic, it works pretty well provided you don’t use any really heavy eyepieces, which one probably won’t be doing as a high-quality eyepiece with lots of heavy lens elements will cost nearly as much as the entire telescope.

The 80LCM attaches to its mount with a short, Vixen-style dovetail. Due to its stubbiness, the dovetail does not allow one to slide the ...

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