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Everything Starts Somewhere

25 Sep 2020, 19:59 UTC
Everything Starts Somewhere
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I’ve been interested in rocks since I was a kid. Our family would go for rides in the mountains to explore. I’d come home with collections of rocks and crystals in my pockets and on the floor of the station wagon. I remember getting one particularly cool-looking crystal-embedded rock while on a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park. I just started at it like it was a huge treasure. That rock got lost in a family move not long after I collected it. However, it was really inspiring and I remember it after all these years.

How Did a Rock Get Started? It’s a Long Story

One thing that I used to do was look at a rock and think, “Where did you come from?” Of course, the first answer was “the park” or “the mountain”. Then, after learning more about how rocks form, I’d think about the formation process that brought the rock to me. We lived (and still live) on the edge of what was an ocean that existed hundreds of millions of years ago. Eventually (and there’s a long geologic history you can read in the famous Roadside Geology of Colorado), the oceans receded and dried up. ...

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