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A Warm Jupiter Orbiting a Cool Star

18 Sep 2020, 23:17 UTC
A Warm Jupiter Orbiting a Cool Star
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IMAGE: A panorama of NASA’s TESS observations of the northern ecliptic hemisphere, showing that the star TOI-1899, indicated by a star symbol, lies just outside of the original field for NASA’s Kepler space mission (squares on the panorama) and is close to the plane of the Milky Way. A planet orbiting the star, dubbed TOI-1899 b, was detected by the TESS mission after 2 months of observation and is the fifth Jupiter-sized planet transiting a low-mass star. Of these five Jupiter-sized planets, TOI-1899 b is the only one with a long orbital period (~29 days). CREDIT: Caleb Cañas, Penn State

A team led by Caleb Cañas of Penn State has announced in The Astronomical Journal the discovery of the fifth Jupiter-sized planet orbiting a low-mass star. As Dr. Pamela says, you find something once, that’s interesting. You find something twice, you have a group. Now we’ve found this type of system five times.

However, there is still a first here. The planet, TOI-1899 b, has the longest orbital period of the warm Jupiters found – about 29 days. The other four examples all orbit their host stars in less than four days. The new planet was found using data ...

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