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10 Top Deep Sky Objects for Astronomy Beginners

18 Sep 2020, 07:05 UTC
10 Top Deep Sky Objects for Astronomy Beginners
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There are lots of things to see in the sky with a telescope, but often, beginners will find it difficult to decide what to look for, and where to find them. This guide will go into some of the best Deep Sky Objects to see in Northern skies. (Though I will mention in passing a few comparable southern objects as well)
What To Expect When Viewing DSOs
Deep Sky Objects are any objects which are made of multiple stars and are beyond our solar system. They’re usually extended objects taking up a wider field of view than the pinpricks of starlight, and they take many different forms ranging from balls of stars to tenuous glowing plasma.
To the experienced amateur astronomer, viewing deep sky objects can be some of the most beautiful and rewarding experiences at the eyepiece. However, many beginner astronomers find disappointment and confusion when looking for nebulae. This is largely down to expectations. Nowadays we see very beautiful pictures of nebulae, star clusters, and galaxies, but these are produced with research-grade telescopes using long exposure times and a lot of processing to bring out unnatural but scientifically useful colors. The amateur astronomer doesn’t have anything like that. ...

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