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Working Alone, All. The. Time., SUCKS!

7 Aug 2020, 19:54 UTC
Working Alone, All. The. Time., SUCKS!
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Ever head a committee and the only person getting anything done was you? I remember one group where my 12 year old daughter did more than most of the committee members did to make our event happen! Of course, she was with me, so not exactly an option there.
I’ve monitored groups over the years and the average is 10% active, so if there were 100 members in the group, only about 10 of them ever did anything to advance the project or cause.
Some groups had more than 10% active members and some had much fewer. Your results may vary.
If you are working alone on something big, you could probably use some help!
Curious to know… What’ll make achieving your goal(s) easier and more enjoyable?
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I’ve been getting what I want; by leveraging my passion for space exploration, science and astronomy; since 1991 and if I didn’t have a rinse-and-repeat system to help me get the results that I do, and do the work that I LOVE, I’d have lost my mind or my sanity, a long time ago.
Now I’m sharing the exact system that has helped me accomplish:

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