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Asteroids Flyby: 2010 RF12 & 2010 RX30

8 Sep 2010, 09:12 UTC
Asteroids Flyby: 2010 RF12 & 2010 RX30
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Two small asteroids (2010 RF12 & 2010 RX30) will pass within the Moon's distance of Earth today, September 08, 2010. Both objects were discovered by the professional "Catalina Sky Survey" on September 05, 2010 with the 1.5-m telescope at Mount Lemmon in Arizona.According to Nasa JPL website, 2010 RX30 has a value of H=27.1 and is estimated to be 10 to 20 meters in size and will pass within 0.6 lunar distances of Earth (about 248,000 km) at 9:51 Greenwich standard time. While 2010 RF12 With an absolute magnitude of H=28.1 is estimated to be 6 to 14 meters in size will pass within 0.2 lunar distances (79,000 km) a few hours later at 21:12 Greenwich standard time.Although both objects are coming inside the orbit of the Moon, there is no danger of impact!! (anyway objects of these dimensions would mostly burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere in case of an impact)We have been able to follow-up 2010 RF12 few hours ago, on September 08 at at 06:45am UT (00:45am local time) through the GRAS network, using a scope located in Mayhill (NM). Below you can see our animation composed of 4 unfiltered exposures, 30-seconds each obtained by means of ...

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