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1. Day. To. Go!

30 Jul 2020, 00:49 UTC
1. Day. To. Go!
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You know I’m all about taking action, right? THIS is how I ‘put my money where my mouth’ is, literally…
Selling Books at the VCAS Open House in 2019
On July 30th, 2020 not only is Perseverance scheduled to launch, I’m Launching Everyday Spacer Membership. You know I’ll launch. I don’t have any downrange safety issues!
FREE Book with the Purchase of a Membership
Yes, the book is a flat out bribe. Creating your vision ALONE really sucks though. You must be ‘all the things’ in your organization, whether you like the work or not, I know!
You want a solution that won’t cost you your first born and you want it now!
How about a super low cost Membership, focused on helping YOU get what you want as soon as humanly/businessly possible?!?
I want to walk the talk and show you the way.
So, this is me, giving you the heads up that there is a solution and I’m going to share it with you. Tomorrow.
Diabolical, I know. ;)
If you’re ANYTHING like me, you just CAN NOT WAIT. So here’s the air lock: Read More About the Free Book, click here
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