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It’s a Chemical Universe

15 Jun 2020, 21:54 UTC
It’s a Chemical Universe
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Have you ever heard someone say something dismissive about chemicals? Like comments that indicate these substances are somehow separate from us? It’s pretty common to see some people advocate for “natural” or “organic” products. Or, they preach against vaccinations because they wrongly assume these lifesaving injections are somehow “full of toxins and chemicals”. It always sounds so silly, to me. I mean, the entire detectable universe consists of chemical elements. That means you and me and the planet and the Sun and Moon and… well, everything we can directly detect. So how can substances or objects consisting of chemicals be somehow unnatural? Yes, I get that these people are often referring to specific things in vaccinations, for example. (Things that aren’t there, by the way. Or, they’re completely misunderstood or misinterpreted by people with a lack of critical thinking skills. But that’s a different topic.) That old argument about chemicals being somehow “unnatural” and “toxic” just ignores the reality of our existence.

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