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Skygazing challenges

8 Jun 2020, 18:08 UTC
Skygazing challenges
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I wrote the other day about city stargazing and general skygazing. That article got some nice responses from people who sometimes battle light pollution in their night skies. It’s a problem in many places on Earth. However, unless you are stuck in the middle of downtown “Big City”, there’s usually at least something you can observe. Light pollution isn’t the only challenge, as one of my correspondents pointed out.

Safety is also a challenge in some places. Obviously, wherever you gaze from has to offer a safe environment. I’m not just talking about safety from other people, however. Some sites offer physical challenges such as wild animals or terrain. Some years ago, I did some observing at a friend’s house high in the Rockies. Our biggest challenge (after the Denver Nebula) was the chance of stumbling across a foraging bear in the darkness. Of course, the bears are often more afraid of us. However, in the spring, when they’re hungry, they’ll take a chance on anything to get a bite to eat. Not that they eat stargazers, but we get in their way, sometimes.

I remember once going to the Grand Canyon and doing some night-time stargazing from a ...

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