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Thoughts about Science and COVID-19

8 Apr 2020, 23:29 UTC
Thoughts about Science and COVID-19
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I’ve written about science for many years, mostly space and astronomy topics. It’s actually quite satisfying to do this work. I get notices of people’s scientific accomplishments, and I get to tell their stories. It is, after all, people doing science. It just doesn’t do itself. The planets and stars and galaxies will continue to do their thing. Our observations of those objects and their activities will help us understand them. Same with any other science.

Science is a process of discovery. It doesn’t stop at one “aha!” moment. Science discovery continues from one moment to the next, as new data comes in. Data points are the core of science. Gather enough data and you have something to talk about, to make models of, to construct theories and rules about what you have observed. That’s the way science works.

So, for example, in the current pandemic crisis, what science can do is gather data points about rates of infection. That information is gold because it helps us do more to help prevent the spread of the disease and help those who have it. For this one, researchers need a LOT of information. They can use data from places ...

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