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Observatories and Astronomy

21 Mar 2020, 23:03 UTC
Observatories and Astronomy
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Astronomy is the science of the cosmos. It covers everything from backyard observing to big observing projects involving many astronomers. It’s also one of our earliest sciences. As far back as humans have been able to gaze at the stars, they’ve created observing spaces. They’re called “observatories”. Today, these places are technical palaces. They comprise collections of technical equipment all aimed at the sky. That includes cameras, sensors, computers, and communications networks.

Read All About Observatories

Observatories are the main focus of my latest book. It’s called The Discovery of the Universe: A History of Astronomy and Observatories. It just came out this month in the United States and I’m excited to talk about it here. If you’re interested in what observatories are and who uses them, this is a good general book for you to read. Think of it as my personal guided tour to as many observatories as I could fit into 100,000 words! And, every purchase of it helps support my writing habit!

Observatories are Everywhere

When I began the research for this book, I found these places everywhere on—and above—our planet. And, their existence goes back thousands of years of human history. You could ...

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