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The Music behind a Science Writer

8 Mar 2020, 19:26 UTC
The Music behind a Science Writer
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I’m veering off from pure science writing for a bit to wander over to the arts today. Specifically, music. No, not the physics of music, although that’s a fascinating subject, too. This one’s more about how music weaves itself into my work in certain ways.

As a science writer, I have been inspired by many other people: my dad and mom, Dr. Carl Sagan, my spouse, my graduate school advisor, and certain science writer friends. The one unifying trait they all have (and had) is an unwavering interest in telling the story of science. As a writer, I do the same. I pick apart a subject and analyze it until I understand it. Then, I put it back together in a way that’s useful to my readers. It’s the way I attacked science problems back when I was in grad school and in research. And, it’s a habit that works well for me today.

Weaving Music into the Science Writing Experience

Music is also an inspiration for me. It takes me places as I write. Lately, I realized I do the same thing with music that I do with a science topic. Every once in awhile I’ll be ...

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