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Voyager Bulldog Investment

26 Feb 2020, 04:34 UTC
Voyager Bulldog Investment
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Following their majority acquisition in Altius last quarter, Voyager Space Holdings has agreed to invest additional capital to help us accelerate the development of our Bulldog servicing tug. We are now ready to recruit key team members for the Bulldog development team, to prototype our EMBARC capture arm, and to retire key technical and business risks as we develop our family of satellite servicing and space logistics tugs.

Near-term, this
means Altius will be opening the following positions:

Bulldog Chief Engineer: A spacecraft technologist/program manager to lead the Bulldog development team.Lead Roboticist: A robotics engineer with skills in mechatronics and controls to lead our EMBARC magnetic capture robotics development team.Spacecraft EE: An electrical engineer with experience designing custom electronics for spaceflight applications to help with our servicing interface and robotic controls development.Magnetic Research Scientist: A scientist with experience in analyzing and testing magnetic systems, to help augment our Electro-permanent magnet (EPM) development team.Production Manager: A person with manufacturing and quality control experience to oversee production of our satellite servicing interfaces, and development of our flight hardware production capabilities.Executive Assistant: Someone with attention to detail, and a good head for business operations and office management to help run the logistics for ...

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