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Carnival of Space #652

21 Feb 2020, 21:58 UTC
Carnival of Space #652
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Betelgeuse Is Still Dimming! And We Have the Pictures to Prove It
Fraser Cain | Universe Today
Near the end of 2019, astronomers watching the red giant Betelgeuse noted how much the star had dimmed, continuing to steadily fade for months.
It’s a variable star, and it’s known to get dimmer and brighter, but the big surprise is that it’s still continuing to dim, recently passing magnitude 1.56 and still getting dimmer. This is unprecedented in the decades that…
Beautiful Exposed Bedrock and Sand Dunes on Mars
Evan Gough | Universe Today
Impact craters can be quite complex. Depending on the size of the impactor, and on the size of the planet it strikes, craters form differently. Some form central peaks or uplifted structures, or even pits as seen in this image.
This image is the HiPOD, or the HiRISE (High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment) Picture of the Day. HiPOD’s are a selection of outstanding or particularly significant images of Mars from the…
Astronomers Simulated How the Universe Would Look Without Dark Matter
Matt Williams | Universe Today
Since the 1960s, there has been a general consensus among astronomers and cosmologists that the majority of the Universe is ...

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