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Big News for SETI Enthusiasts

15 Feb 2020, 00:11 UTC
Big News for SETI Enthusiasts
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The CHIME telescope has detected a mysterious repeating radio signal far away in the cosmos – only the second ever identified of its kind. CHIME is the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment (CHIME) is an interferometric radio telescope at the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory in British Columbia, (Danielle Futselaar)
It has been almost 60 years now that scientists — a first a few intrepid souls and now many more — have been searching the skies for radio signals that just might be coming from other advanced, technological civilizations. There have been some intriguing anomalies that created great interest, but nothing has to date survived further study.
But two recent developments in the this Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) make clear that the lack of alien signals so far has not diminished interest in the field and in the science and technology behind it. Rather, SETI is alive and doing quite well.
A first sign is scientific and involves what are called “fast radio blasts” or FRBs — high energy pulses that are extremely short lived and, until recently, determined to be sporadic and random. But a paper last week from a Canadian team reported a series fast radio blast from ...

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