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Observers Alert - SN 2020ue - Supernova in NGC 4636

11 Feb 2020, 15:32 UTC
Observers Alert - SN 2020ue - Supernova in NGC 4636
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So I realize this is a bit late, as this was discovered January 12th, then magnitude 15. I was able to grab this view on my next clear night, which was February 2nd, when the supernova was a respectable 11.8, within the reach of many backyard stargazers.What makes this supernova both easy and challenging at the same time is its distance from the central core. Unlike some other currently visible supernova (SN2020oi in M100) which is very challenging to view as its within the bright core of the galaxy, SN 2020ue is well outside the core. However, the challenging aspect is ensuring your viewing the actual supernova, and not a field star, as you will see in my EAA grab from 2/2/2020.Note that I was able to pick up a distinct bluish hue to the star, and from what I have read online, visual observers have also been able to pick this up, so that may aid in ensuring you have viewed the actual supernova.NGC 4636 and SN 2020ue at the native field of view of my EAA setupNow a bit closer look.Cropped view of SN2020ue in NGC 4636Now lets compare this Stellarium shot to a cropped screen grab of ...

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