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Insight Observatory

The Sky Show

7 Feb 2020, 10:53 UTC
The Sky Show
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Barnstable High School Senior Astronomy students, AKA, "Astro Junkies", are recently focused on a unit called “The Sky Show” which challenges each student to learn the taxonomy of the heavens. Barnstable High School astronomy students study the use of Insight Observatory's Astronomical Telescopes for Educational Outreach (ATEO).Similar to Zoology, where each organism is assigned a Class, Phylum, Order, Family, Genus, and species classification, each object in the nighttime sky is given a classification designation as well. As students learn about open star clusters, globular star clusters, spiral galaxies, elliptical galaxies, irregular galaxies, double stars, planetary nebulae, emission nebulae, reflection nebulae, dark nebula, variable stars, planets, moons, asteroids, and comets, they will select a specific celestial object that they would like to research and image with a partner. Together, they will search the skies, using the website Telescopius.com, to find “that image” that speaks to them and their specific interests.Barnstable High School astronomy students research and select their deep-sky object to image on the ATEO remote telescope network.Insight Observatory provides a wonderful opportunity for students to learn about deep space objects, telescopes (reflectors vs. refractors), and the nighttime sky (in both celestial hemispheres). Students truly enjoy being part of the imaging ...

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