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Goodbye Betelgeuse?

2 Jan 2020, 11:03 UTC
Goodbye Betelgeuse?
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About five nights ago, I stepped outside, to take a look. That is, up. It's a habit, formed, long ago as a young, budding astronomer (and, 'Rock Star' Drummer...well, never mind about the 'rock-star' drummer part), but - any time that the night sky is clear of clouds - and I know about it - I do a "status" check; just, making sure that, "everything's there - and, things are the way they're supposed to be". Kind of like looking in on your kids, long after they've gone to bed... While I'm out there, I do a sub-conscious, magnitude comparison, between the stars of the constellation, 'Orion' - a relative, close, loosely-grouped gathering of red and blue, 'super-giant' stars, out here at our 'end' of the galaxy. Throughout my entire life - the stars, "Betelguese", and "Rigel"; the 'right shoulder', and 'left foot', respectively; of the Hunter, Orion - have always appeared to be close in brightness, with the blue, Rigel, out-shining the red, and somewhat variable, Betelguese - by just a few "points". Every night. Every year. Always the same - my whole, life-long, life... ...but on the night of 21 DEC 2019 - something was, very, very different. ...

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