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A Year with the Tiger

31 Dec 2019, 18:48 UTC
A Year with the Tiger
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Five years ago tomorrow I had my first flying lesson. In the four years following, I had a grand total of 120 hours in the plane, and half of them were the first year. For those of you who might be wondering, that’s really not a lot. It wasn’t exactly by choice- given the opportunity I’d rather be in the air. But having no place to go and no airplane of my own (not one that was fully assembled, anyway), I rarely took the time to strap on some wings and start an engine.

Then something happened last fall. I had a meeting I needed to attend in Tennessee with our company president. Because the commute in a Cessna is infinitely more fun than the commute in a Ford Escape, I decided to take a club plane over the hills to the meeting.

He met me at the airport. Maybe it was my cool Top Gun glasses, or maybe just my inability to contain my smile over what I’d just done. Maybe it was the noticeably short travel time from North Carolina that day, but something made him ask, “If we got a plane for the company to use, could ...

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