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Moon in 2020

28 Dec 2019, 06:00 UTC
Moon in 2020
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A mosaic made from 9 individual photos of the Moon captures its phases over one synodic month. For complete details about this image, see Moon Phases Mosaic. The individual images included in this composite can be found in the Moon Phases Gallery. For more composites, see Moon Phases Mosaics. Photo copyright 2012 by Fred Espenak.
We tend to take the Moon for granted but it shares a unique history with Earth. Shortly after its formation 4.5 billion years ago, “proto-Earth” collided with a Mars-sized object called Theia. Much of “proto-Earth” and Theia merged to become our Earth, but the impact also ejected a large amount of material into space. Some of it coalesced to become the Moon (see: Giant Impact Hypothesis).
The Moon’s orbit stabilizes the axial tilt of Earth, preventing it from undergoing chaotic variations that would lead to catastrophic changes in climate. And the daily rise and fall of the Moon-induced tides has left an indelible imprint on Earth. Some scientists even argue whether life on Earth would be possible without the influence of the Moon (see: Without the Moon, Would There Be Life on Earth?).
With this big picture in mind, we gain a new appreciation for ...

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