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Celestron’s PowerSeeker 50AZ Reviewed (Unbiased)

13 Dec 2019, 19:25 UTC
Celestron’s PowerSeeker 50AZ Reviewed (Unbiased)
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Celestron’s PowerSeeker 50AZ is possibly one of the most deplorable telescopes the company offers in its current lineup. Most experienced astronomers would tell you to stay away from Celestron’s PowerSeeker series, and in this case, with the 50AZ they are once again correct. The PowerSeeker 50AZ is little more than a cheap toy designed to lure novices in based on Celestron’s brand reputation. You’d think that people would notice that the scope is literally marketed at toy stores and take a pause, but apparently this huge red flag is entirely ignored.
The PowerSeeker 50AZ’s ratings on Amazon are distorted for two reasons. For one, many people simply have never seen anything better to compare the 50AZ to and thus are impressed by absolutely any view of the Moon whatsoever. Second, Celestron has cleverly offered it on the same product page as the PowerSeeker 60AZ, 70AZ and 80AZ, which are less-than-ideal but far more functional telescopes which people tend to give good ratings. Thus, good reviews for the larger PowerSeeker AZs show up as good reviews for the 50AZ, furthering the illusion that the PowerSeeker 50AZ is a quality product.
This being said, let’s get on to the review of this ...

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