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Orion SkyQuest XX12i IntelliScope Reviewed

8 Dec 2019, 04:38 UTC
Orion SkyQuest XX12i IntelliScope Reviewed
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Orion’s XX series of Dobsonians offers both IntelliScope and GoTo truss Dobsonians at an affordable price point. The XX12i is the smaller of the two IntelliScope versions and the cheapest model in the whole line.

The Telescope Optical Assembly

The XX12i’s “tube” is composed of two steel segments with aluminum trusses linking them together. This allows you to fit the entire scope (theoretically) into a smaller car than a solid-tubed, single-piece scope like the Zhumell Z12, a water heater-sized monstrosity that takes up my entire hatchback and is hard for one person to work with. The XX12i’s tube, when disassembled, turns into a 26” long lower tube assembly, eight 22” long truss poles, and an 8” long upper tube assembly.
The assembly process of the tube is pretty simple. You attach the lower segment of the tube to the Dobsonian base, then attach the four truss pole pairs using the hand knobs provided. The upper tube assembly then sets on top of the trusses and is secured using four hand knobs. This entire process takes only a few minutes.
The main disadvantage of using a truss system is that stray light can shine into the tube far more ...

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