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Orion StarBlast 62mm Travel Telescope Reviewed

8 Dec 2019, 04:55 UTC
Orion StarBlast 62mm Travel Telescope Reviewed
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The Orion StarBlast 62mm Compact Travel Refractor Telescope (which, despite the name, has nothing in common with Orion’s StarBlast reflectors) is one of the most unusual offerings by Orion currently. The StarBlast 62 is a great telescope for spotting and casual astronomical use, as well as some astrophotography, but it does have some limitations.

The Optical Tube

The StarBlast 62 optically is a 62mm f/8.4 Petzval apochromatic refractor, made by Long Perng Optical who are renowned for their quality refractors. Petzvals are relatively uncommon today due to the availability of aftermarket field flatteners and relatively cheap ED glass making them rather irrelevant, but they are still nice scopes.
The Petzval design uses a long-focus achromatic (non-ED) objective lens in conjunction with a focal reducer/field flattener. The result is that the StarBlast 62 has very little chromatic aberration and basically no field curvature, making it extremely sharp at both low and high magnifications as well as being suitable for astrophotography. However, it is still inferior to a real ED doublet refractor with a separate field flattener coupled to the scope.
The scope’s dew shield is retractable to fit the scope in its case. Unfortunately, the lens cell is not collimatable ...

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