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December 2-8, 2019 / Vol 38, No 48 / Hawai’i Island, USA

27 Nov 2019, 20:39 UTC
December 2-8, 2019 / Vol 38, No 48 / Hawai’i Island, USA
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African Space Leadership Congress Builds on Africa Space Generation Workshop
The 8th African Space Leadership Congress on Space Science and Technology for Sustainable Development is being held December 2-4 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, following the 3rd Africa Space Generation Workshop November 30 to December 1. With an African space economy valued at US$7B, ASLC is aimed at capitalizing and socializing efforts of African nations on space technologies. Addis Ababa is home to the Entoto Observatory and Research Center, East Africa’s only space observation facility, built by the Ethiopian Space Science Society (ESSS). Egypt TIBA-1 satellite successfully launches on an Ariane 5 booster. Since launch of the first Egypt NILESAT101 in 1998 over US$3B has been spent on space projects in Africa. Angola recovers from the Dec 2017 loss of ANGOSAT-1 with ANGOSAT-2 planned for launch by Roscosmos from Kazakhstan in 2020 and ANGOSAT-3 under construction by Airbus. South African Space Agency is in talks with NASA to contribute to Moon and Mars missions. Ethiopia’s first satellite ET-RSS1 is prepared for launch Dec 17 from China with a ground station at Entoto. Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed visits China Academy of Space Technology to inspect the satellite during 2019. Ethiopia ...

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