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3 Nov 2019, 19:51 UTC
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Relegation Round-Up November 3rdWell, I have to admit I have been wrong about some teams this season, very wrong. When I was listening to the professional pundits on the radio, it sounded that most of the teams in the Premier League were in some sort of trouble. If you look at the league table, the season is over a quarter of the way through, it suggests that a mere 30 points could be enough to avoid relegation.Watford are currently bottom and must be winning the race to be the worst underachievers in the league. I really didn’t expect them to be bottom. Despite an excellent away draw at Spurs, they must start picking up more points soon, or else.Norwich were a team I flagged as a team in danger and I have been proved right.Many people will remember Southampton’s 9-0 home defeat to Leicester for years. Really ,the rot set in when they lost at home to Bournemouth. A narrow defeat away to Manchester City suggests there is some fighting spirit at the club but it got them just as many points as they did against Leicester. As some of the teams above them are playing almost as badly, the ...

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